santa and christmas and death.

so christmas is today/tomorrow, and i’ve spent the last month or so listening to my child robotically say, “i want that, i want that, i want that” during commercials, while walking through stores & as she flips past advertisements at the end of comic books.

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learning to write is fun.

maddy is learning to write.

(can’t believe i’m writing that).

she does this (as it seems that most children do) by sounding out the words. it’s been pretty magical watching and listening to her as she stumbles through the process.

at first i had a hard time figuring out exactly what she was trying to communicate, but as she continues to practice, things become more and more clear.

take, for instance, the photograph below:


it’s pretty easy to read most of what she’s sounded out, mostly because it’s written and spelled better than my own writing.

but there was one word that gave me pause.

the third word.

i spent roughly 20 seconds staring at the notecard, trying to decipher the the jumble of letters in front of me, hoping to figure out what they were supposed to say, imaging that they spelled out something great, but i couldn’t come up with a word that for in the spot.

maddy became impatient.

“you wanna know what it says?”

of course i did.

“it says, ‘matt is really my dad.’”


that’s true, but i wonder why that was what she had chosen to write?

are people asking her this?

i guess i should just be happy that she’s willing to claim me.

this happened.

definitive proof that my child is a diphyodont instead of some type of alien species:


her creativity is boundless.

i told maddy to go outside & play while i made dinner. i came outside 15 minutes later to find her dressed in cowboy boots & a cowboy hat, playing tee-ball with a tee she made out of a shoe box & a suction cup arrow (she punched a hole in the shoe box with the scissors, then jammed the scissors in the box to keep the tee upright.)


later, i asked her how she came up with this idea and she said, “i’m an artist daddy.”

(i really love this kid.)

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