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7.5 months., originally uploaded by mattlogelin. Logelin, Elizabeth Ann “Liz” Was born September 1977 in Minneapolis, MN and was abruptly taken from our lives on March 25, 2008. Her joyful spirit and infectious smile touched everyone she met. Liz didn’t just enter a room; she lit up a room. Her boundless energy was inspiring to […]

update – 7:15pm.

well… after an uneventful weekend. we had a rather eventful monday. as the previous photo indicated… madeline decided to make her first appearance today. here are some photos and a nice story… baby’s heart rate dropped around 3:30am. everyone was concerned. dr. stopped by in the morning. and said that it may be best to […]

update – 10:30am.

a few hours before maddy was born.

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