update – 9:50pm.

preparing for a long stay

two dr. visits.

dr. ultrasound visited this afternoon.

said that baby photos look great.

(i was in a meeting so i missed the photo session).

+6 ounces from last week = 4lbs 2oz.

she’s still using her umbilical cord as a jump rope.

which means she may still join us a little earlier than may 8th

dr. nelson visited and contemplated increased freedom for liz.

iv is out.

and suggested that liz may be able to shower**


but not this week.

maybe next week.

“next week?”


we’re going to be here a while.

which is pure awesomeness.


it looks like we can all expect some new artwork for our work cubes.

(thanks to bob and anna for stopping by and supplying liz with a new way to pass the time).

**(liz feels i should point out that she is clean thanks to daily nurse-facilitated sponge baths).

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