update – 10:30pm.

i'm running out of things to photograph in this hospital room

another uneventful weekend (thankfully).

we napped a lot.

hospital bedrest is really tiring.

and exceedingly boring.

not sure how liz does it all day.

(for almost 3 weeks now).

liz still can’t shower.

but she did get another sponge bath.

which gave me an opportunity to sneak away.

i went to check on our house.

no burglars have visited us since the last one on 1/25.

which is pretty nice.

i did some house work for about 1.5 hours.


*prunned our suddenly not-dormant grapevine.

*picked some flowers from our yard.

*arranged them in a vase.

a sampling of flowers from our yard

(i didn’t even know i was capable of doing that flower-arranging thing).

sunday was just as exciting.


did some reading.

slept some more.

received lots of phone calls from family and friends.
ate a lot of candy.

pez dispensers

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