today was a hard day.

i left madeline at home

with auntie deb

(for just a few hours)

while i went with grandpa tom l.

to buy madeline a few things.

i didn’t think

it would be that difficult

to be away from her.

it didn’t help that shopping

was liz’s favorite thing

(and one of my least favorites).

we went to buy

a dresser

(or 6)

for madeline’s clothing.

i bought her

1 dresser

(it should fit a small % of her clothing)


an awesome stroller.

we returned home soon after…

and had

another video conference

with the goodman family in

the mn.

another video conference...

well over 30

family members

(some estimates put the crowd at 50+)


to watch madeline

get a

diaper change,


and a


(fascinating stuff, i know).

after all that


we decided

to take madeline

on her first

walk around the neighborhood.

pure glamor.

she loved it.

then we took some photos

in the front yard.

madeline with roses.

she was

quite photogenic

in the outfit from grandma broccoli.

(an all-white outfit, i might add).

madeline in awesome outfit.

later on we got

a few visitors.

and a lot more food.

the food helps,

but i’m still down

23 pounds

since 3/25.

(i am, however, eating much healthier. liz would be proud).

now it’s time

for a 1-hour nap

before madeline’s ready

for her 2:00am

diaper change,


and burp.

anyone up for a late-night

video conference?

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