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it was hot today.

(well over 90 degrees).

it’s funny.

just last week,

we were concerned about

keeping the house warm enough

for madeline.


we have to find a way to keep

it cool.

my dad put together

the dresser i bought


auntie deb went back

to the sf.

anya and her mom


and did all the work

i’m incapable of doing.

(organizing and putting away madeline’s clothes).

madeline's dresser

thanks so much.

we took madeline on

another stroller ride.

(she slept).

returned to find a couple

of vagrants on my porch.

(not real vagrants, but some friends).

peter and amy.

they brought over

a ton of food.

peter brought

some gifts made by his mom.

amy brought me


and hope.

we visited for awhile.

they left.

another yahoo! visitor stopped by.

we had a nice talk.

another video-conferenced

feeding of madeline

(this time with aj and sonja.

two of liz’s closest


(the ladies from blush)

gave me a call.

they always make me feel better.

and they’re coming by

this weekend

to see maddy

and to give me a haircut

so i look respectable

(for liz’s memorial service)

in the mpls.

rhonda came by

for the 11:00 feeding.

11:00pm feeding.

madeline is still happy.

and healthy.

(and hopefully sleepy like her dad).

post-feeding stretch.

(and yes, i am indeed wearing the same shirt i wore yesterday).

i write

with less than 30 mins

until she eats again.

i should really sleep


Posted by on 4/14/2008.

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