3 weeks ago.

almost to the


i wanted to use this

post to

tell a story

that should illustrate


how perfect

things were

by discussing the one time

things were not


the one time

(seriously…the one time)

liz got really,


pissed at me

was when i bought a

fortune telling robot

off a guy

on the streets of india.


that was it.

a robot.

i remember

the moment

so vividly.

i was at

a festival in


vendor and idols.

she was

in a pharmacy in los angeles.

when i told her about

my treasure

(and how much it cost me – $400).

she was seriously mad.

(she was a couple of months pregnant and we were supposed to be saving up for baby).

and she said to me

(loud enough for others to hear),

“i can’t believe you bought a fucking robot!”

and then she

continued to

read me the riot act.

i listened carefully.

when she


(it must have been 15-20 mins),

i pointed out to her

how ridiculous

that one sentence must have sounded

to the people

in the pharmacy.

can you imagine

what the hell

they were thinking?

despite her anger,

we both laughed our

asses off.

just that thought…

that over

12 years

of life


our biggest disagreement

was over a


makes me smile.

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