how did we top


we surrounded ourselves

with friends

(both new and old)

and some family.

aj and i

started the day


continuing our 2 men

and a baby routine.


until some friends arrived

to help us eat and drink

some of the food and beer reserves

monica feeding madeline.

that never seem

to diminish

(despite everyone’s best attempts).

adam and ivette

arrived with

a shitload of

clothes, blankets and more

collected by their friends

new clothes

(thanks to you, the friends of adam and ivette).

they joined us

in our attempt to

empty the refrigerator.

(we failed).

and then more

food arrived

(thanks, haley).

after all of this

we decided

to bring out the

fortune-telling robot


no one understood

their fortune

(no hindi or kannada speakers in the group)

yet everyone laughed.

as some visitors left,

others arrived.

gina took some photos

(actually, a lot of photos).

while aj and i

took photos of her

taking photos.

me and madeline.

gina and madeline.

shot from above.

she did the whole


free of charge

(how awesome is she?

(she’ll be sending me her shots sometime soon and i’ll share them with everyone).

aunties anya and aislinn

stopped by.

so did elizabeth and family.

cousin leslie came with

home-made chocolate.

cousin sarah came with

a cake.

(i should be gaining some weight any day now).

grandpa tom g.


grandma candee

arrived from the sf.

and promptly took turns

holding madeline.

grandma candee and grandpa tom g. with madeline.

rhonda entered at 10:30.

to watch madeline eat.

we all talked awhile.

everyone but

aj, madeline and i left.

then we went to sleep.

(aj and madeline did).

it’s past 3:00am.

i should probably

join madeline

as she dreams

of liz.

me and madeline.

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