Monthly Archives: August 2008

saturday, aug. 16 to friday, aug. 22.

(close, but not quite caught up. still a week behind after this). ***saturday*** these last 1.5 weeks have been a real blur. the strangeness of being in this empty house has not yet gone away. less than 24 hours after arriving here from the banff, we were off again, headed to the orange county. adam, […]

the other project…

i’ve been working on is a self-published book of photographs. why? ’cause a couple of times each week, i have someone requesting to buy one of my photos. i usually direct them to the free download feature of flickr (yes, all the photos in the book are available for free download somewhere on my flickr […]

thursday, friday.

woke up with madeline. we laughed together, both happy as hell. until tummy-time time. then she was tummy-time pissed. and i laughed, but spared her any further torment by picking her up and holding her above me. i laid there still trying to remember what the hell liz and i did last august 13th. it […]


we are fine. just going through a very painful, self imposed separation from the internet during the past few days. (been working on a project). we will carry on with the story, very, very soon. happy 5 month birthday to madeline yesterday. fuck the 25th.

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