i’m a week behind

(i’ll fix that soon).

in the mean time, i got an e-mail from my stranger friend dave d. from new balance.

here it is:

Hey Matt,

I just read the post announcing your new “running initiative” and was inspired by the comments of everyone who were feeling motivated by you and thought that it would be really great to offer them a discount on New Balance gear to take their motivation to the activation level. Struggling with running is so common, however when you have support, it can tip the scales to joy and that is truly what New Balance is all about.

And just for the record, I’m sincerely not trying to drum up sales or publicity for myself or New Balance – it’s not about that, it wasn’t about that when I sent you and Madeline the shoes – I’ve been following your blog for a while now and always wanted to find a way I can pay it forward to you and the amazing community you have supporting you.

i agreed that this is a pretty rad thing, told him that i’d love to extend something like this to everyone…

then i got a follow-up e-mail from him last night…

Alright… so I’ve set up a coupon code ( logelin24-25 ) that will give people 10% off and free shipping exclusively at This is the only place they can use this code, it is not valid anywhere else.

To get this discount all they need to do is go online, shop the site, select the items they want and place an order.

* If they order online, there is a section during the checkout process that asks them to enter a ‘Gift Code’ and the order total will then be adjusted accordingly.
* If they want to place the order over the phone all they have to do is give the code to the rep while placing the order.

Take care and keep running!


so, so awesome. the coupon code expires at the end of the year. even if you hate running, you can buy shoes for your kids, but you don’t have to buy anything. like dave said, he just wants to do something nice for this great community of people.

thanks to dave d.

and thanks to all of you.

right now…i’m in banff with madeline.

in banff...

she’s gonna hang with the grandma candee and awesome auntie deb while grandpa tom g. and i take a hike to some glaciers. comments will be approved when i return.

photos and updates to follow.

now go back to work…

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