Liz Goodman Logelin Memorial 5k Walk/Run

Creep Becky here, guest blogging for Matt…

The Creeps/Broads, in conjunction with the Goodman and Logelin families, are excited to announce the first “Walk around the World” in honor of Liz, to be held Sunday, September 21st at 1:00 pm in your designated time zone.

Here’s the scoop. As many of you know, Liz’s birthday is September 17th. To honor, remember and celebrate her, there will be a walk/run/crawl/any sort of forward movement the weekend closest to her birthday each year. In the future, it will become the Liz Goodman Logelin Memorial 5k Walk/Run. For the first year, it will be an informal gathering of friends, strangers, robots, creeps and broads. We hope to see this event grow bigger and bigger with each successive year.

At 1:00 pm, we invite you to gather your friends and family wherever you are and walk together. You’re encouraged to wear pink – Liz loved pink – or your new Matt-inspired shirts. Here’s how this becomes a “Walk Around the World: If everyone walks at their respective 1:00 pm, and we get at least one person in every time zone, it creates the effect of 24 hours of walking for Liz. Pretty fucking cool, right?

A Flickr site has been set up for this event. Take pictures walking wherever you are and upload them to the Flickr site so that everyone can see the worldwide participation. Click here for information on submitting your photos. In addition, a Paypal account will be set up (details to follow shortly) and you can make an optional $7 donation that will go to both Matt/Madeline and other young widows/widowers in need.

Should you reside in the MN and care to join the Creeps/Broads/Logelins/Goodmans (including Matt and Madeline), we will be at Lake Calhoun at 1:00 pm beginning in the area with the volleyball courts on the west side of the lake near West 36th Street. Just look for the man-sized Baby Bjorn, as Matt said his first 10k did him in and he’ll be looking to get carried for this gathering!

Questions? Leave them in the comments section and someone will answer them.

Hope to see you on the 21st!

Creep Becky

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