the last couple of weeks.

we’ve been very busy.

there was a full

week during which

we did almost

nothing but spend all

of our time together

before and after daycare/work,

trying to recover from

the trip to

the mn for thanksgiving.

didn’t go out

at night, except for

a couple of trips

to the record store.

during those evenings

home alone together,

maddy became

rather proficient at sticking

her tongue out

and spitting at me.

sticking her tongue out.

then at some point

she brought home

another cold, which knocked

both of us out

for almost a week.

on a friday night

grandpa tom l.

came out to

the los angeles

for a visit to do a little work around our house.

he removed a broken

garbage disposal and

replaced it with

a new one

(my birthday gift from the g. grandparents).

over the course of

a week he changed

my kitchen from this:


to this:


(he did a lot more work than these two photos would lead you to believe).

on a saturday, madeline

got her first haircut.

it was time,

’cause she was looking

a little too much

like her grandpas and

not enough like

a little girl.

interested in that comb.

just a little off the sides.

please give me your comb.

she really seemed

to love it.

some of her mom’s

favorite moments were

spent sitting in that

chair, getting pampered.

on a sunday

grandpa tom l. watched

maddy while i had

a photography adventure

with gentle ben.

we met a bear,

bear in griffith park.

found a place

for that bear to

get a little work done,

(this is los angeles, after all)

then we spent

a little time on

the 6th st. bridge.

light, bridge, wires.

that night

some creeps visited

us from the mn

and we joined

up with a few

more to have dinner

madeline, creepy ladies.

maddy fell in love

with christa’s husband

maddy, christa, roman, katie.

then spent a little

time entertaining the crowd.

maddy, katie.
maddy with straw.

later maddy demonstrated

her love of

making noise.

then she danced

with her favorite robot.


on a monday

creepy nancy and katie j.

kidnapped my child

and took her

to the gardens

in the san marino.

(lots of photos here and some more here thanks, nancy and katie j.!).

i worked at my

office and

my dad continued

working on my house.

on a tuesday we

had dinner with rhonda and

jonathan at the

indian restaurant in

the los feliz.

then we stopped in

a book store to

pick up a few books.

grandpa tom l. entertained

maddy with a book

about birds while i

did my shopping.

she loved it so

much that he bought

it and brought

it home for her.

maddy with the new book that grandpa bought for her.
checking out her new book.

on wednesday my

company laid some

people off.

a tough day for

everyone involved so

those of us who

remained treated those

who were laid

off to drinks

at the german restaurant

near my house.

maddy stayed with grandpa

tom l., who was

all too happy to be

able to spend

a little quality time

with her while

i was out.

on thursday i had

lunch with some

wonderful aussie

ladies at a restaurant

in the toluca lake.

later i picked

maddy up from daycare

and was handed this:

maddy's bloomers?

i said,

“ummm…these aren’t madeline’s bloomers.”

“uhhh…yes they are”

erica said.

“she has a dress with that same pattern, but i am sure there were no matching bloomers. these can’t be hers.”

i said.

and i know this ’cause

i can’t stand it

when there’s

no matching diaper cover

for a given outfit.

then erica told

me something that

made me feel like

a complete failure.

“well, when i picked her up this morning i felt a big lump in her back and couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. that’s when i found the bloomers still attached inside the dress, via the plastic tag thing.”

i hung my head

in shame while

she and the other

daycare women

laughed at me.

on a friday i

went to work

but went home early

’cause i felt

like total shit.

maddy was over her

cold at this point

and wanted to play.

lucky for me

she could hang

in her bouncy thing

while i napped.

grandpa tom l.

continued his work

on my house

before his flight

that evening.

later that night

our friend lauren f.

arrived from the nyc.

we picked her up

from the airport

and had some

burgers before dropping

her off at

her hotel.

saturday we picked

lauren up and took

a trip up the

the malibu to take

in the beautiful scenery.

we stopped for lunch

at a place near the

water and madeline

spent a little time

on the lap of

a strange old man.

maddy + santa.

after lunch we

wandered around lauren’s

college campus.

she took photos while

i hung out in

the car with a crying


then i stared at

the clouds as

we inched along

with the traffic on the 10.

the 10.

the sun set

as we hit downtown

10/110 junction.

and eventually we

made it back

to the house.

george, elizabeth and

family came to take maddy

for the night

so we could

join some friends for

a night on

the town.

high school classmate

and all-around good

guy adam r. from the mn

arrived so he could

join us.

met up with some

jerks at the

pirate bar downtown.


gentle ben was

there with his very

patient wife.

he said something,

can’t remember now

what it was,

but it made me hang

my head in disbelief.

too many photos.

later i showed

juanito a text message

from the bastard,

that left him amazed.


eventually it was time

to go so

we headed to heather and

juanito’s place for

a visit to their rooftop.

rooftop - los angeles.

we stared at downtown


then watched

the people on the

street below.


eventually the people

from the eastern and

central time zones

got tired so we said goodbye.

lauren got dropped off

in the pasadena and

adam r. slept on my couch.

oh…that reminds me.

i have been

sleeping in the bed

since our return

from the mn.

big accomplishment.

woke up early on

sunday, talked with

adam r. for a bit

then wished

him a good drive

to the anaheim.

i headed to the pasadena

to pick lauren up

for a day of photography.

picked maddy up

from george and

elizabeth’s house and headed

toward griffith park.

got there a little too

late to join amy and

greg for brunch, but we

got their right on

time for a

visit to the observatory.

griffith observatory.

got stopped by

three different people who

told me that my daughter

was cold and

needed socks.

i explained that she

had them on and

took them off

’cause her feet were hot.

feet in hands.

(plus she loves to play with her toes).

they seemed skeptical

so i made them

touch her feet,

just to be sure.

(they all agreed that they were warm).

we wandered around

and took some photos

observatory, los angeles.
observatory walk way.
griffith observatory.

while madeline slept.


she woke up


when we went

inside to see the

big pendulum.

somehow i ended up here,


which made me

thing about how

things should have been.

went outside and

looked at these eyes


and the world almost

felt right again.

we continued walking

maddy at the griffith observatory.

and eventually madeline

got restless so

i took her out

of the stroller and showed

her some things

up close.


she learned a little bit

about space

maddy + daddy.

then she met einstein.

madeline + einstein.

later we went

back outside and lauren

took a few photos for us.

maddy + scientists + me.
upside down.
flying madeline.

(more photos taken by lauren here thanks, lauren!).

eventually it was time

to go.


on the way out

of the park we stopped

and introduced maddy

to the bear.

madeline + bear.

then she met

leif erickson.

madeline + leif erickson.

that night we drove

lauren to the

airport and made it

to bed before 10:00.

a great couple of weeks.

i spent some time reading

this book.

page 61.

phil wrote something

that i often feel,

but said it better

than i ever could have:

“i guess it was foolish to come here with hopes that i’d somehow figure out how not to feel bad.”

i keep myself busy

doing all sorts of

fun things,

hoping not to

feel good,

but hoping

to not feel bad.

but then there’s maddy.

she fixes almost

all of it.

i’m lucky to

have her.

maybe i should

lend her to phil for

a few days?

(oh…and welcome to the readers coming from here and here).

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