march 24…

is approaching.

i’ve been getting a ton of e-mails (70+), twitter messages (20+) and a few comments, asking if people can send maddy a birthday gift.


madeline with some of her stuff...

madeline with some of her stuff...

as you can see, madeline doesn’t need anything else…

the stuff you see is just a small portion of what has been sent to us over the past 11+ months. she has a dresser full of quilts, 40+ pairs of shoes, a dresser and a closet filled with clothes, hundreds of robot items, toys, books, music, jewelry and a bunch of other stuff.

thanks to all of the formula/formula check donations, i’ve had to pay for only three containers of formula since she was born (all three purchased because i forgot to put formula in her diaper bag when i left the house).

thanks to salma hayek, rachael ray and pampers, we now have a lifetime supply of diapers (guess whose child is never going to be potty trained?)

i still have hundreds of dollars in gift cards (and a job!) to help pay for anything else we may need.

our garage is also filled with clothes and toys for when she finally hits 12+ months old.

we’ve donated the clothes that no longer fit as well as the baby equipment and toys that she has outgrown.

and still.

there is no room in our house.


i can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate all that people have done for us.

we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

but for madeline’s birthday, we would love nothing more if you would consider taking the money you were planning to spend on her gift + the postage to ship the gift, and donate it to the liz logelin foundation so that people facing circumstances similar can benefit from the kindness and support you all have extended to us.

m. + m.

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