you already know about the liz logelin foundation and its mission to help with financial support for widows & widowers with children.

one thing that the foundation is not adept at providing is the kind of emotional support and other non-monetary resources necessary to help these folks. my blog (and the community that has grown around it) has served that purpose to a certain extent, but despite my best efforts, i can’t always answer every e-mail or respond to every comment.

so when michele neff hernandez of the soaring spirits loss foundation contacted me and suggested we work together, i was beyond excited. her organization aims to provide “compassionate community support to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.” the foundation does this by offering a variety of programs, a great list of resources, and more for those grieving a loss.

then she told me about the national conference on widowhood and i just knew i had to share this info.

the conference is at the marriott hotel and marina in san diego, california – july 17-19, 2009, and it’s purpose is to:

bring together the many wonderful people who are reaching out to grieving people in their communities all over the‚Ä® country. in order to change the way the world sees widowhood, we have to show the world at large: who we are, what we can do, and the ways in which the lessons taught by our grief experience have deeply impacted our lives in positive ways that most people cannot imagine. i certainly couldn’t imagine any positive impact coming from my personal tragedy, but other widows gave me hope that not only was survival possible…it was the far from the best i could do. i see it as my responsibility to inspire others as i was inspired, and this organization is a step towards providing those who will come after us with support, hope, and a network of people they can count on.

there is an entire weekend of events planned, all of which should be pretty interesting.

after sharing all of this great info with me, she then asked me to speak at the conference…

i was a lot surprised and very honored, but i think i responded by saying:

“are you sure? i don’t think this is such a good idea. you know how much i swear, right?”

she laughed at me.

anyway, i agreed to be the least-esteemed of the speakers one of the speakers.

i encourage anyone grieving the loss of a spouse or life partner to check out the conference.

(sign-up here)

(a page devoted to the soaring spirits loss foundation coming soon).


and here’s a video of maddy playing with her new bubble machine:

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