back home…

we’re back in los angeles.

the last week was an interesting one to say the least.

mexico on saturday.

objectives accomplished.




happy in a hammock.

a birthday party celebration:

crazy with sugar.

some tears:


and some reminiscence.

all in a beautiful place.

(more on all of this soon)…

then on thursday we went north.

to chicago.

to meet oprah.

new teddy bear.

we taped an episode that will air sometime in the future.

i will let you know when that happens.

(had to mention this now because a few people were on to me).

then back to mexico on saturday for 27 hours.

flying back to mexico.

then a flight home.

everything here is the same.

something, someone is still missing.

i expected nothing less.

just didn’t think it would hit so hard.

(photos here).

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