Monthly Archives: April 2009

april 16th – 19th.

on april 16th, i flew to the island of oahu with madeline. we were there to celebrate the wedding of one of liz’s best friends in the whole wide world, maleeda. all of her best friends from college were there. i was honored to be invited, but i anticipated it being a tough trip.


if you’re in the los angeles area and feel so inclined to tune-in, cbs 2 news is airing a story about the the liz logelin foundation tonight, at 5:00pm. i understand that the full segment will be posted on the cbs 2 web site as well as on the web site of their sister station, […]

april 11th.

two saturdays ago, a whole bunch of people came together to celebrate madeline’s first birthday. her actual birthday was on march 24, but this was the first time we could get (almost) everyone together many of our family members flew in (two even drove from the mn) and a lot of madeline’s friends showed up. […]

welcome, new readers…

you may have arrived via a show hosted by a well-known talk show host entitled, “unconventional, unforgettable dads” just to be clear…i am the unconventional dad. i’m pretty sure the show was to be called simply, “unforgettable dads” until the producers read my blog and saw my taped piece. sometimes i swear. ok… some would […]

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