rattled! out today!

if you’ve been reading my site for awhile, you’ll remember some of the guest blogs i’ve written for my friend, chrissy coppa, over at glamour.com’s storked! blog..

you’ll also remember that her son, jd, and my madeline have become fast friends during our four trips to the nyc.

strollers on the sidewalk.


j.d. and maddy.

maybe too fast.

so fucking cute...

as i looked back at the photos, i thought, “hey! get your hands off of my daughter!” but then i remembered that it was madeline who made the first move, reaching out, holding his hand during brunch.

jeez…she is her mother’s daughter.

(remember, it was liz who picked me up at that gas station back in 1996).

oh…back to the point of this.

as our children got to know each other over the past few months, chrissy and i talked quite a bit.

we discussed the similarities and differences of our situations.

we talked about the best places to grab drinks and food in the nyc.

and we talked about writing, agents, publishers, editors, the pain of recounting the past, the catharsis of getting the feelings out, and ultimately, the end result.

after months of hard work, sleepless nights, restless days…

after months of reliving the difficult times and relishing the moments of overwhelming joy…

chrissy’s book, rattled!, hits bookstores today, april 14, 2009.

i’ve read it.

and i love it.

and not just because i count her as a friend.

i laughed.


i found comfort.

the circumstances by which we became single parents are vastly different, but i relate to a lot of her experiences.

ultimately i love her book because, just like this blog is a reflection of my love for my daughter, chrissy’s book is a reflection of her love for her favorite person in the whole world.

her son, jd.

if you want to preview the first seven pages of rattled!, plus the front and back covers, you can do so by clicking on the image of her book below. if you’d like to pick up a copy, click here.

i’m proud of what chrissy has accomplished.

i’m proud to call her a friend.

and i know that despite maddy’s persistent advances, jd will always be a gentleman.

his mom will ensure that.

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