next steps…

i’ve been to new york a few times over the past several months for a variety of reasons. and a few weeks ago i was back in the city.

as some of you guessed, and some of you didn’t, i was meeting with publishers.


i’m gonna write a book.

over the course of the last year or so i’ve been approached by publishers, editors and agents about writing one.

i didn’t know what to think about this at first.

but i thought long and hard about it and i finally decided in january that i wanted to do it.

what pushed me in this direction? many things, but the biggest one was the belief that this book will be an incredible gift for madeline.

and my monument to



over the past couple of months i…

*signed with a literary agency.

*worked on a book proposal.

*my agents submitted it to some publishers.

*and during the week that i was in nyc, i met with a few of them.

*upon my return to los angeles the book went to auction.

*less than a week later i had chosen a publisher.

my book will be published by grand central publishing, which is part of the hachette book group usa.

(these folks also own little brown and company, the publishers of the twilight series. squeee!).

here is the announcement from this week’s issue of publisher’s weekly:

Maddy & Me

Pitched as The Last Lecture meets Marley & Me, Matt Logelin’s Adventures with Maddy: A Memoir of Love, Loss and the Extraordinary Community That Healed Us, went at auction to Amanda Englander at Grand Central. Rachel Sussman and Eve Bridburg of Zachary Shuster Harmsworth brokered the deal for North American rights. In the book, Logelin, who started a blog and founded the Liz Logelin Foundation after his wife died 72 [sic] hours following the birth of their daughter, offers advice on, and his own experiences, dealing with grief and loss. Per Grand Central, the auction was “heated,” with seven publishers vying for the book.

so now what?

i figure there will be a lot of questions about this and i plan to make my writing process as interactive as possible, so fire away.

ask anything…

ask about the book, the (tentative) title, the blog, my future plans, etc.

you can go ahead and pose your questions in the comments section, and i’ll answer as many as possible in a future post. if your question has already been posed, please ask anyway. i’ll get an idea of what i should answer if i see the same question over and over again.

i can’t begin to tell you how excited i am to get started, and ultimately, deliver a book that you all will love.

(oh…and thanks for your patience with my teasing over the last few months…just needed to make sure everything was in place before announcing this).

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