national conference on widowhood.

soaring spirits loss foundation
national conference on widowhood

marriott hotel and marina
san diego, california
july 17-19, 2009

i know i’ve mentioned this a few times, but i wanted to talk about it again.

i spoke with michele neff hernandez, the founder of the soaring spirits loss foundation, and discussed a few things…

first, some reasons to attend the conference:

1. it is going to be fun.
2. it is going to be informative
3. this is apparently going to be the largest gathering of widows/widowers ever (some sort of record keeping body may certify this).

second, some of the goals of the conference:

1. by supporting this event we hope to create a larger support network so that other widowed people don’t have to live through this awful experience on their own.
2. programs for the widowed are non-existent in states across the country…we can change that by making some noise in san diego.
3. we want to put a different face on widowhood. widows/widowers are not the stereotype we all think of. some of us are young and few of us spend our days wearing long black veils.

during our discussion, michele asked me if i had prepared my speech (yes, i’ll speaking at the conference). of course i haven’t, but i assured her that i would be ready by july 17th (she sounded worried). she also informed me that, because i am speaking at the event, my entrance fee is taken care of.

that said, i told her that i would pay the entrance fee for another widow/widower so that he/she can take part in the conference.

so…if you are a widow or widower who can make it to san diego for the conference, please send an e-mail to mattandmaddy (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line, “conference”

let me know why you want to come to the conference, and i’ll consider paying your way.

for those of you who are not widowed, but want to support someone who is, please consider sponsor them to go to the conference by contacting michele at micheleh (at) sslf (dot) org ($300 covers the full event, concert, banquet, workshops, resource expo, etc.)

for sign-up form, a list of speakers, overview of events, hotel accommodations and more, please click here

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