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book shelves.

it took me a while to go through all of the comments, but here is my best attempt at answering some of the questions you posed about about my book. there were a few questions that were asked multiple times, so i chose to focus on those.

here goes…

question: why write a book?
answer: for madeline. for her future so she can know our past. and for liz. as i said before, this is my monument to her (that sentence will make even more sense when you read the book). for our families, for our friends. for you and the other “yous” out there who haven’t found my blog.

question: will you just be printing your blog? if not, will your book be written in the same style as the blog?
answer: no we will not simply print my blog, bind it and sell it as a book like some bloggers have been known to do. **ahem** and to quote john berryman’s poem, message in the book, love & fame

well, hell. i am not writing an autobiography-in-verse, my friends.

i couldn’t have said it better myself. and yeah, there are many reasons for this.

1. the book would be like, 678,225 pages long.
2. this is what the publisher wants.
3. this is what i want.

really. through this book, i have an amazing opportunity to share our story with a (hopefully) huge number of people. i would limit my ability to reach these folks if i continued to write like a third grader. plus using a more prosaic approach will allow me to present you with a narrative rich in detail. that said, the book will be written in my voice. if you want a preview of how that will read; copy one of my blog posts, remove the line breaks, and convert the verse into complete sentences.

statement: but i really like your third-grade verse style of writing!
statement: well, you’re in luck! i plan to use some of the blog-style verse interspersed throughout the book because of the emotional weight it lends to our story.

question: what is the book going to cover? is it going to be a time-line of sorts, documenting your adventures or will it be more of a life lessons work? are you going to talk a lot more about liz and a lot of background story on both of you so we understand the memories you encounter on your every day life?”
answer: that’s a combination of a bunch of related questions. the book is going to be all of that. it will cover roughly the first year of my life with madeline and will be less of a day-to-day account of our lives since liz died (like the blog) and more of an in-depth look at some of the significant events in our life since march 25th, 2008. there will be lots of flashbacks to moments with liz and lots of memories, including the story of how we met, our time together before we were married, before madeline arrived, etc. those memories are so very important in my everyday life, and they are crucial to our story. and yeah, there will be some life lessons in there, but i have no plans to beat anyone over the head with them. again, very similar to my blog in many ways.

question: will you continue to swear?
answer: yes, i will continue to swear (the publisher has given me the green light to do so).

question: will your book include photos?
answer: maybe. we’re still working out some details.

question: do you have a release date?
answer: very tentatively scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011. the book is due to grand central far sooner than that, but printing, marketing, etc take some time. oh. and i have to write the damn thing.

question: have you chosen a title?
answer: that’s something else that is still tentative. the working title is: “adventures with maddy: a memoir of love, loss and the extraordinary community that healed us” fyi, the title was never, “maddy and me” (though i joked about that one with my literary agents at one point). that was simply the headline that publisher’s weekly used when they wrote about the book.

question: will you still work outside your house or will writing be your full-time job?
answer: being madeline’s dad is my priority.. i also have a full-time job with a rather large internet company, plus a blog, and of course, my book. i will do it all, i just won’t sleep very much.

question: will proceeds go to the liz logelin foundation?
answer: yes. i plan to donate a portion of my proceeds to the foundation.

question: are you going to be continuing the blog?
answer: at the very heart of everything, this blog is something for madeline and my family and i will continue it until i no longer wish to do so or my family no longer wants me to write it. rather than require me to stop, grand central has actually encouraged me to continue to blog.

question: are you taking down old posts in order to “save” material for the book.
answer: no.

question: did the thought of writing a book ever cross your mind before you were approached by publishers?
answer: no. i never, ever could have guessed that i’d be writing a book. i was contacted by multiple publishers and agents and with each e-mail/phone call i gained confidence that i could actually do something like this. funny thing about the book proposal i submitted to the publishers…first line was, “i am not a writer.”

question: what are your fears, if any, in writing the book?
answer: i don’t want to disappoint anyone.

question: (two, actually). i would love to read extended thoughts on how you reconcile the amazing experiences you’ve had over the past year with the extreme loss you’ve experienced. and how are you different than the guy who unknowingly walked into the hospital last year?
answer: great questions. i think the blog answers the first question very well. the book will answer it more in-depth, and it will most certainly will answer the second.

question: will the book be distributed outside of the us?
answer: foreign rights are negotiated separately. this is already in the works and we have been approached by several foriegn markets for rights to my book (holy shit!).

question: will there be a book tour?
answer: i sure hope so.

questions not related to the book:

question: how in the hell do you get to travel so much?
answer: i’ve worked for the internet for 7+ years and the internet is generous.

question: do you have a record player at home that you actually use?”
answer: yes. two of them.

question: do you ever plan to move back to mn to be closer to your family?
answer: as of now, i have no plans to leave los angeles. luckily i get to see liz’s family and my family quite often.

question: who’s gonna play liz, maddy and you in the movie?
answer: what movie?

question: how can we, your faithful readers, support you?
answer: keep reading the blog and keep encouraging me. oh. and it would be nice if you bought a copy or six of the book when it comes out. oh. and tell your friends.

question: how many crazy people have you had to deal with because of the blog?
answer: a few, but most have been amazing, generous, kind wonderful and all the other superlatives you could think of. there’s a reason i still try to meet up with anyone who wants to meet us.

question: do you ever worry about exposing madeline to too much public attention?
answer: not sure what i should be worried about…

question: a turtle loses its shell, is it naked or homeless.
answer: vulnerable.

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