115 tickets sold.






the beard is gone.

(the mustache stays for 24 hours and an extra $100 for the foundation).

go ahead and make fun of me.

i don’t give.

to those of you who wanted the beard to stay, well, so did i.

and i’m already growing it back.

but (almost) anything for a good cause, right?

(and for the record, i nearly vomited when i saw myself in the mirror. maddy didn’t care a bit).

thanks to everyone who purchased a ticket during the last 7 days.

you raised $6095 for the foundation.

and if you haven’t purchased your ticket to the liz logelin foundation gala, you have until september 13th to do so.

please do it.

it will be fun.

i promise.

and it’s for a great cause.


within two hours of me publishing this blog post, some of my twitter peeps were so disgusted by my sweet ‘stache, they decided to raise an additional $200 for the foundation, just to see it go away.

i was so eager to get rid of it that i threw in $50 of my own money.

so here i am.

after after.

clean shaven for the first time in like, 9 years.

(thanks to @VDog and for the idea (and for donating) and @childsplayx2, @redneckmommy, @mamaspohr, @SnglMomSurvives and@moburns67 for donating. you’ve all made my mother happy).

***update #2***

maddy’s reaction:

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