media blitz

Howdy Everyone,

A.J. here.

Matt and Rachel have been all over the local media for the past few days to promote The Liz Logelin Foundation and our 5K and Gala events

Rachel was on WCCO yesterday to talk a little about the foundation and our upcoming events. Check it out!

Matt was interviewed on Twin Cities Live this afternoon. He talks a bit about his blog, the foundation, and there is a special appearance by Maddy!

Here’s the video:

Matt was also on Kare11’s EXTRA segment, first airing yesterday. From their site:

Over the last 18 months Matt’s blog has become, literally, famous. More than a million people hang on his every word. A book is now in the works.

The life he leads with Maddy has become so inspiring a foundation was formed to help people just like them.

The Liz Logelin Foundation works to grant money to men and women who lose their partner to death, and are left to parent alone.

The video segment up on their website, and it airs again this evening at 6:30pm.


We just got some news from Becky about the fund-raising totals for the 5K.

You raised over $9,000 for the foundation today.

We are overwhelmed by your hard work and generosity.

Thank you.

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