meet maddy’s nanny for our trip to india.

(working on a big post with info about the past week, but check this out in the meantime).

in a little more than a week we’ll be on a plane, heading off on our new adventure.

crazy, i know.

and as i’ve mentioned before, there’s another person coming with us…

maddy & rachel.

maddy & rachel.

her name is rachel monas, and she will be madeline’s nanny while we’re in india.

i’ve had more than a few people ask more than a few questions about this mystery woman, so i figured i’d let her tell you more about herself.

in her own words:

matt asked me to write a short paragraph describing “what the world should know about me” for his friends, family and blog readers. no pressure. my name is rachel carolyn monas, i am a los angeles native, and i’m turning 24-years old the day after we arrive in bangalore. my job will be to make sure that matt works on his book & updates his blog/twitter. i’ll also be madeline and matt’s official photographer during the trip. my most important job, of course, is to guard and keep safe the little beauty we all love…i’ll even tweet pictures of her. :) a little background on how this came to be…i met matt at the troubador (during an iron & wine show). we became friends and soon after he mentioned this crazy idea of world travel and i crazily said i’d quit my job and join him and madeline. so here we are, i had my last day of work at the santa monica museum of art a few weeks ago, and i’m spending the the rest of my time packing and preparing for this adventure. i’m so excited for this. i’ve been a nanny before for lots of different families and i absolutely love it. i’ve also travel nanny-ed before…i took a trip around the mediterranean with a family the summer after my college year abroad in paris. i feel very lucky to get to have an experience like this. matt is the best and maddy is more sweet and adorable every time i hang out with her. i know this is going to be an amazing trip.

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and yes, as rachel mentioned, i will be blogging from india.

(perhaps) more than usual, in order to ensure everyone knows we’re doing fine.

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