it’s thursday.

today, i work my

last day at

my current job,

and on friday, i’ll

wake up in

a place i

haven’t been in over

seven years…

on monday we’ll

be on a really,

really long flight,

and by tuesday,

we’ll wake up in

a foreign country.

but i’m getting

a little ahead of myself…

not only is thursday

my last day

working for the big

internet company i’ve

been with for

7+ years…

it’s also

the day that madeline

heads to the

doctor for her

18-month appointment.

as always

she’ll get weighed,

measured, and vaccinated.

and as always,

it’s your turn to

guess how tall

and how heavy my

best girl is.

here are some hints:

at her 15-month

appointment she weighed

21 pounds, 10 ounces (30th percentile)

and was

30 and 3/8 inches tall (50th percentile).

(at the time she was 51% of the way to liz’s adult height).

the chart below shows her progression since birth:

15-month growth chart.


for the person(s) who

guess both her

height and weight

correctly, i’ll send

you something special

from our travels in india

(item and specialness to be determined by me).

you have until saturday, october 3rd at 1:00am (pacific time) to get your guesses in.

(for those of you who live in countries that use the metric system, please feel free to submit your guesses in metric units of measure…i will do the conversion for you).

happy guessing.

oh…and here’s a

photo of maddy from

tuesday that will

in no way

help you with

your guesses…

before work/daycare.

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