monday morning,

11:00 am is when i

finished packing.

we had to leave for the

airport 1 minute later.

but before we

left, i made some

time to get a

few photos

before singapore/bangalore.


before saying goodbye

to our life as we’ve

known it.

our house sitter was

kind enough to give

us a ride to

the airport

and help us

get our luggage

onto a cart.

at lax, about to leave.

as we

crossed the street

to go inside,

we ran into rachel.

perfect timing.

ready to go.

we got checked

in, had some lunch,

at lax.

then it was

airport security.

with rachel at lax.

madeline was rather

cooperative, but i

think it’s ’cause

she had no

idea what was

about to happen to her.

maddy met some

friends before

we boarded,

giving a little girl

a hug and

a kiss.

a few seconds

later she

tried to steal

a little boy’s

toy car.

glad to know

i’m raising a

caring thief.

finally we were

on the plane

and heading toward


i was

convinced that 11+

hours in the

air with an

18-month old,

would be

no big deal…

on the plane and already tired.

for the most part,

i was right.

madeline was a great,

if not lively flier.

she climbed into

her bassinet,

stood on the

edge and jumped

into my arms

at least 25,000 times

(my arms feel like jello),

she threw food,

and kept saying,

“hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi”

to the guy sitting

behind us

(thankfully he was a good sport).

she even managed

to fall asleep for

awhile, maybe like

an hour.

at one point

she woke up

and she completely

lost her shit.

it was bad

and by bad, i

mean is was one

of the worst fucking

displays of infant

behavior i have

ever witnessed.

i would have gladly

gotten off the

plane in mid-air

than sit through

this scream-fest.

i can only imagine

what the passengers

were going through.

i felt awful for

all of them.

holy shit.

we tried everything

to calm her down.

and seriously.

nothing could be done.

she only wanted

daddy, so

i couldn’t pass

her off to rachel…

rachel sang her

luallabies, i sang

her this song

(couldn’t help it…the song has been stuck in my head since yesterday, and i don’t know the words to any lullabies),

we gave her medicine,

and toys,

and fruit,

and cookies,

and cartoons,

and damn near

everything else on

the plane.

finally, a flight attendant

sat down with

us and maddy

became mesmerized.

within seconds, she was

quiet, and when

the flight attendant

walked away,

we had to follow

her to the gally.

i spent the

next two hours there

with madeline,

making friends

with all the

flight attendants.

crisis averted.

we finally went back

to our seat

and maddy sat calmly,

playing with

some toys that

rachel brought for her.

i looked at

rachel and said,

“that really sucked”

and she said,

“yeah, that was an awful 15 minutes”

15 minutes?

no fucking way.


she insisted.

it felt like 12 hours.

the rest of the

flight was uneventful…

maddy regained

the friends she had

lost earlier in

the trip by

smiling and saying

hi to all the

departing passengers.

we took a short

walk through

the tokyo airport

in tokyo.

tokyo airport.

welcome to japan.

tokyo airport.

getting some air.

happy even though it was like, 2:00am pacific time.

before getting back

on the plane and

heading to singapore.

now, maddy should

have been

exhausted, and

thankfully she was.

as soon as the plane started

moving, maddy

passed out.

she slept for

maybe three or four

hours, but it

was not the

soundest sleep

she’s ever had.

she woke up

a few times

and writhed around

in my arms…

luckily rachel is some

sort of baby sorceress,

’cause everytime maddy

would start to stir,

and everytime i got

worried that we’d

have another lax to

tokyo-style meltdown,

her mystical powers

got maddy

back to sleep

almost instantly.

i guess it’s

time i learn

the real lyrics for

“itsy-bitsy spider” and

“twinkle twinkle little star”

instead of the

ones i learned on

the playground

back in gradeschool.

maddy was

perfect on this flight.

i am absolutely amazed

to see how well she did.

i felt like

melting down more

than once,

so the fact

that she

had one major 15

minute freakout over

the course of 18

hours of flying?

pretty great.

i’d say i’ve

got an awesome

little traveler on

my hands.

so now we’re in

the singapore airport

it’s so strange

to be here.

last time i was

sitting in this

spot, it was

december 2007.


was pregnant with

madeline, and i

was on my

way to bangalore

for what would have

been my 5th

and last work-related trip.

the first thing i did

each time i landed

in singapore was

find a wifi

connection so i

could call


it feels weird

to be here,

in this place

knowing that

i can’t call her,

that i can’t

tell her about

my flight,

that i can’t

ask her what

she wants me

to buy for her

in the duty-free shops,

(she loved when i left the country, just because i could buy her duty-free purses, perfume, etc).

that can’t tell

her i can’t

wait to get

home to her…

so as we wait

for the

visa desk to open,

i’m writing away,

while rachel entertains

maddy at an indoor playground.

soon we’ll be out

of the airport

and hanging out with

our friends.

apparently there’s already

a playdate setup

for madeline.

should be fun,

if only rachel

and i can stay awake.

i’m pretty sure

madeline will be fine.

***just as i finished this post, i turned to my left and saw this sight:

passed out in the singapore airport.

more to come…

also, it’s already oct. 7th here in singapore, so i thought i’d take the time to remind you about the liz logelin foundation’s 7th on the 7th campaign.

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