two ways…

to help the liz logelin foundation that will cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time.

first, go here to help the foundation win $10,000, $5000 or $1000, depending on the number of votes we receive. i pledge a 20% match on any amount we win. when added together, if my math is correct, and it may not be ’cause it’s 5:00am here in bangalore and because i suck at math, that could be an $12,000, $6000 or $1200 for the foundation. voting ends on oct. 15.

second: check this out. apparently i got nominated for “best daddy blog” over at the bump. now, i normally wouldn’t promote this kind of thing, ’cause i don’t write my blog to win awards (and i frankly, i dislike being labeled as a daddy blogger), but in this case, if i get enough votes to win “best overall blog” then the award comes with a $1000 prize. i find it almost ridiculous that i was even nominate, but if i somehow win this contest, i’ll donate the $1000 prize to the liz logelin foundation, plus match it 100%. this math is easy on this one. when added together, that could mean an additional $2000 for the foundation. voting ends on monday, october 19th.

so help a foundation out.

it just takes a few clicks.

oh, and here’s a photo of maddy to keep you busy until i finish up a blog post about our first week in india:


(you can also follow the photos and very small bits of writing by clicking here, updated almost daily).

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