we were somewhere

but i don’t

mean it the

way you think i do.


we were in

an auto rickshaw

on some

street in bangalore,

but what i mean

is that you

were somewhere

else in that head

of yours.

like maybe back

in los angeles,

playing your piano,

or throwing

apples into

the street

or at daycare.


i wasn’t

as far out as

you were

at that moment,

but i was

somewhere as well.

i was imagining

where we

we’d be if

things had

worked out differently

for all of us.

but it doesn’t

pay to think

about the

what ifs

and the what

could have beens

when the what

is is

exactly where

she wanted

us to be.

i’m happy,

i really am,

but we’re still

missing that

one person

that would have

had us in

the only somewhere

i really wanted.


i was holding

you tight,

yes, to keep

you from falling

from the auto rickshaw,

but mostly

because i can.

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