what we’re doing.


i’ve mentioned a few

times, some of

the reasons why

we’re here.

and though you

may be a little

too young to

remember everything

that you’re seeing

and doing,

this is still an

invaluable trip for


you’re taking things in.

you’re learning.

you’re discovering.

and you’re here

with me.

in a place i

need to be,

helping me.

so yeah.

i guess you could

say that this

trip is mostly

for me,

your selfish father,

and that’s kinda true.

i needed this,

and i needed it

at this time,

and i needed



we will

come back here,

as often as

you want,

as you grow up,

when you can

take a break

from your busy

teenage and adult lives

(i don’t want to get in the way).

’cause there’s no

such thing as

a once in

a lifetime trip.

and that’s the

beauty of this.

we have the rest

of our lives

to visit and revisit,

and we’ll do it

so you can

feel what i feel,

so i can

feel what you feel.

so we.

so we can feel

what we felt,

before this

we existed.

that’s my pledge to


so this trip?

what are we

doing? well, that’s

best summarized

by the words

of d.b.

“i remember her

and i remember him

i remember them

i remember then

i’m just rememberin’

i’m just rememberin’

just rememberin’

i’m just rememberin'”

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