vomiting child.


i slept an hour

and a half

the night before,

and i wanted to

get a little more rest

when maddy woke me

up with her

usual morning noises.

instead of going

to get her

as i usually do,

i let her talk

away and attempt

to entertain herself.

20 mins later,

the talking turned

to crying, so

i reluctantly got out

of bed and

into her room

to retrieve her

from her night prison.

the smell of vomit

damn near

knocked me over

as soon as

i opened her door.


i know i’m

the adult in this

situation, but damn it.

i mean, i can’t handle

vomit, i’ve just never

been able to.

like the time my

brother threw up

pizza and orange soda

all over the

new white carpet

at my mom’s house

and i made


clean it up.

or the time that


threw up all over

the carpet in our first

apartment, and i had

to tie a towel around

my mouth and nose

in order to clean

it up.

she laughed at me

for being

like such a little bitch.

(i tried to get her to clean it up, but she claimed she was too sick).

back to tuesday.

i said, “holymotherfuckingshit”

under my breath

(she is repeating everything these days)

and stepped into her room.

i got her out

of her crib,

gave her

a bath and got

her dressed.

she wanted milk, but

i knew better and

gave her water instead.

i put her

in my bed while i

threw her bedding in

the washer.

as soon as i

got the thing started,

i heard the unmistakable

sound of my child vomiting.



bath #2.

outfit #2.

second set of

bedding replaced.

she seemed

way better after the

second puking

episode, so i figured

it was a good

time for us to

head out to

get some pedialyte

and other sick-child essentials.

she of course, fell

asleep on the

five minute drive

to the store,

so instead of waking

her up, i reclined my

seat and took

a nap with her.

eventually she woke me

up so we

went in and did

our shopping.

i spent the

rest of the afternoon

and into the night

holding madeline, because

she got super clingy.

it’s weird, she’s

usually too busy

running around

the house, coloring

on my important

paperwork or playing

with her toys

to spend any time

hanging out with me,

but when she

gets sick, she

ends up like this:


(aka, sweet as sugar).


she seemed better.

she was standing up

in her crib,

repeating, “milk, milk, milk, milk.”

it had been almost 24

hours since she

last puked, so

i figured that i could

give her what

she wanted.

she finished the

bottle, i waited

an hour…

no vomiting, so i

figured i’d take

her to daycare.

before leaving she

did a little decorating:



then we got a quick

photo shoot in

before heading out…


"get this clip out of my hair!"



happy (with a filthy nose).


i got her dropped off

and headed home

to write…

i spent most of

my day watching

my phone, hoping that

i wouldn’t get

that dreaded phone call

from daycare.

she made it through

the entire day

with no vomiting.

we had a couple

of visitors

that evening…

our house sitter

during our time

in india, and her

friend who’s gonna

house-sit for

us while we’re gone

for the next month.

then michele stopped

by to talk

about our foundations

and everything else.


madeline woke up whiny.

i got her out

of her crib,

got her dressed

and gave her some milk.

she usually heads

straight for her

piano in the morning,

but today she laid in bed

with me

that should

have been my first sign

that something was wrong.

she finished up

her milk and

then the whining

really kicked in…

she seemed so sad,

which led me to

wonder if i

could keep her

home from daycare

due to extreme sadness.

i comforted her

a bit before

deciding that she

should go hang out

with her friends

for the day.

she was still

whining when

i got her strapped

into her carseat.

and it struck

me that

she definitely whines

like her mom

used to when

she was sick.

that made me smile.

we made it less

than a mile

from home

before i heard

that sound again.


looked in the

rear-view mirror

just as she vomited

all over herself.

damn it.

this time

i wasn’t so

much freaked out

by the vomit as i

was worried about

my little girl.

i decided that

it would be best

to just drive

back to the house

to get her cleaned up.

i got her home,

got her out of the

car and

undressed her on

the porch, then

into the bath

she went…

she threw up

two more times

before noon,

but she seemed to

feel better afternoon,

thanks to

a continuous loop

of yo gabba gabba.

thankfully she hasn’t

been running a fever.

unfortunately she

wasn’t all that

interested in eating

and drinking most

of the day, but

she did have

(some) brown rice,

(a little) pedialyte,

and a ton of ice.

by evening, the whining

was (mostly) over,

and my rambunctious

little girl was back.

she threw two

framed photos

on the floor,

did 10-15 laps

through the house,

and pushed my

desk chair

around my office

for 20 minutes.

and while i finished

up this post,

maddy held her barbie up

up to the tv

and said,

“barbie this gabba”

so that was pretty

fucking cool.

and though it would

have been better

for my writing if

i had

had a quiet

day alone,

i really loved

hanging out with

my sick kid.

i just wish

i had some help

putting this car seat

back together.

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