winter in minnesota.

we left los angeles

last tuesday, and

holy shit have we been

reminded what winter

in minnesota

is really like.

it’s been years

since i’ve seen this

much snow fall

lots of snow.

in such a short

period of time,

and maddy has

never seen anything

like it.

even though the

snow, rain and ice have

made driving and walking

a bit treacherous,

we’ve managed to

have a lot

of fun…

big smiles.

madeline (winter verison).

after one unsuccessful

sledding trip with

auntie deb,

(which included landing face-first in the snow after her first trip down the hill)

madeline was ready

to try it again.

down the driveway.

and then she

yelled for more

begging for more.

so we went down

and up

and down

and up

like, 2000 times.

getting the snow out from under her sled.

back up the driveway.

down the driveway.

up the driveway.

then i got really

tired, so i made auntie

deb pull her.

down the driveway.

back up the driveway.

we were out there

for over an hour

and we had a

ton of fun

back up the driveway.

back up the driveway.


waiting for another ride.

at some point

i guess she got

tired or

crabby or cold

or maybe all of those

things, and that’s when

winter became

far less fun.




so i tried to

show her that

the snow isn’t

so bad

trying to prove to maddy that the snow isn't that bad.

which totally

didn’t work.



she eventually fell

asleep in

grandma candee’s arms

while the rest of us

worked on creating

some real-life terror

for her.


if we ever

decide to move

back to minnesota,

the good news is

that i’ll never again

have to do this:


because madeline now

knows how to

use one of these:

get shoveling, kid.

but the bad news

is that she

will hate me…

the winter version

of madeline

reminded me

(once again),

that even though

she got the dna

of two native minnesotans,

she was

born in pasadena and

is truly a

california girl.

a few days

after the

photos above

were taken,

grandpa tom g.

decided it would

be fun to

take her sledding again,

and record her

reaction up-close.

here’s the result:

even though we’ve

spent a lot

of time outside,

we’ve also had

some indoor time

with the family,

celebrating christmas:

my mom with a doll in plastic.

reading with auntie deb.

mimicing muno.

with grandma and sayge.

maddy was

spoiled even

more than usual.

she got some great

gifts, but it was the

kitchen set from grandma broccoli


and the

vacuum from grandma candee,


that brought me

some hope that

she will soon

be ready to

do a little more

around our house

when we finally

get back to los angeles.

we have a

few more days in

minnesota before

we head off for

a short trip

to enjoy maddy’s

preferred weather

(more on that soon),

then we’ll be back

in minnesota for

a few days before

taking off to

mexico for a week.

this kid is

gonna be really,

really confused as

we go from

warm to cold

to hot to

cold to hot

to cold and back

to warm.

but lucky her…

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