14 years ago.


14 years ago,

a first date.

a couple of nervous kids,

(well, at least one).

dinner. a walk around

a museum. a movie

that became an

instant favorite.

and finally a stop at

a friend’s birthday party

to show off the

girl i only hoped

i’d be able

to keep around.

now, 14 years later,

i picked our daughter

up a little

earlier than usual,

and took her to

see her favorite movie

on the big screen

at a theater in hollywood.

and i watched her

as she watched it

with excitement,

and i did my

best to hold back

the tears

(i failed)

as she looked over at

me with the

same smile,

those same blue eyes.

and then i

smiled as she said,

“daddy. up!”

telling me that she

wanted to

sit on my lap.

and i laughed

when she reached

into the bucket,

grabbing one kernel of popcorn,

at a time,

shoving each one into

my mouth while yelling

out her rather

inappropriate pronunciation


and then i remembered

being in this

exact spot, watching

a different movie

a few years ago with


but the memory

was short lived,

because i felt my

legs getting warm,

the unmistakable feeling of

madeline’s diaper

leaking through

her jeans,

and into mine.

now soaked in

baby piss, i smiled again,

thankful for the

little girl who gets

me through these days.

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