that was interesting.


i figured everyone

could use a distraction,

so here’s

what’s been going on

in los angeles.

with my nasty cold

still hanging on,

i woke up early

on saturday morning and

started cleaning, while

maddy did her best

to make sure

there was plenty

for me to clean up…

she smashed

a pictured frame,

sending shards of glass

all over the floor,

knocked over a

stack of books,

and then did this:

this is what happens when i do the dishes.

but to her credit

she cleaned it up.

after each destructive

act, i would hear

the sweetest little

voice saying, “uh oh!”

(i’m still trying to explain to her that she can’t say, “uh oh!” after a premeditated act).

later we went

to a charity

event put on

by one of our favorite people,

for our second

favorite charity,

which was started

by one of our

favorite families.

we got to meet

little annie,

who slept the entire time.

i know that

doesn’t sound

like an amazing feat

for a baby who’s a

month old, but if

you could have heard

these three ladies

with sophie and riley.

trading screams of joy,

you’d understand

that this child achieved

the impossible.

(and i’m proud (?) to say that maddy won the screaming contest).

madeline had a

ton of fun climbing

on the furniture,


little lady.

playing with the toys,



and running through the store.



she also really enjoyed

throwing things on

the floor, and spitting

out her water.

(sorry, was too busy trying to clean up after her to get any photos).

that night we

worked on her language development.

sunday was a day

of obsessive hand

washing for madeline,


dinner with some

old and creepy friends,

and a ton of

writing for me.

we’re halfway through the

week, and she’s

in daycare, while

i listen to

some new music,

some old stuff),

and write.

tonight i have to

take a short break

from writing so

that i can talk to

the rest of the

board members of

my favorite non-profit

about distribution of funds

and other fun stuff.

hopefully maddy will

be entertained by yo gabba gabba

while i’m on the call,

because there are no picture

frames within her reach,

and the door to

the bathroom will

be closed.

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