what remains.


then spring

supposedly a

time of renewal

i think everyone forgets

about the time in between…

in this between time,

the snow remains

only where it

was once piled high,

and to call it

snow now is a

little misleading.

yes, there is snow

somewhere in there,

but as i walk,

i see

piles of dirt and debris.

like a glacier,

the snow retreats,

depositing the detritus

trapped months ago

by a long-lasting winter.

there’s a flat pumpkin.

several beer bottles.

cigarette butts.

candy wrappers.

leaves, never raked up.

and covering the grass?

a thin layer of mold.

now in the middle of

a parking lot,

this retreating

glacier has left behind

countless miniature lakes,

lakes that will soon

dry up,


the drive through

the parking lot more

than a little treacherous.

“it’s so ugly,” i said.

but he reminded me

that this, like everything

else, is a matter

of perspective.

“the dirty snow i see signals the end.”

i hadn’t really thought

about it that way.

where i now live

there is no end.

and no beginning.

no cycle.

no seasons.

and i’m okay with that.

but here, there

is hope in this

cycle of change.

and here, hope that

winter will end is

as close to

religion as most of them

will ever get.

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