it’s been awhile…


i looked at

the date of my

last blog post

and i can’t

believe how long

it has been

since i last posted

an update.

well, here’s why…

as you know,

i’ve been working

on this

little project that

is my book

(due out in april 2011 from grand central)

at the moment,

i’m waiting for

what should be

the final round of

revisions to arrive

on my doorstep from

my editor.

the really fun

begins shortly

after that, and i

can’t wait to

share the process with you.

more updates soon.


what have been

up to since

the last proper update?

well, we took a very

quick drive up

the coast to

visit some friends.

on the way there we

stopped to

pick blueberries

with her blueberry buckets.

off to pick some blueberries.

picking blueberries.

trying to help.

then we found

mark, jeffra and mckenna

and hung out with

them at the beach.

mckenna and maddy.

on the beach.



maddy and brooke.

us on the beach.


maddy and mckenna on the swings.

mark and jeffra on the swings.

matt and brooke on the swings.

the next day we

went to what has

to be the world’s

oldest aquarium

(i don’t know that to be true)






where we watched

the performing seals.

holy shit! performing seals!

feeding the seals.

performing seals!

holy shit are

they loud.

later we headed

to another beach

where maddy

ran through the

sand like the

little california gal

she is.



on the beach.

on the beach.

on the beach.

on the beach.

on the beach.

mark and jeffra and girls.

we said goodbye to

our friends and

made the drive

back to los angeles,

halfway home

i unexpectedly

drove past some of

the spots where


and i spent our

first wedding anniversary.

i didn’t really know

we’d be driving past

them, but after

an unplanned detour

we ended up doing so.

we continued our

drive, stopping for

some photos:




on the tracks.

that week

my brother

david and his friend

flew out to

los angeles so

david could take my

old car from

my driveway.

it had been sitting

there, largely untouched,

for quite awhile

so it seemed natural

to give it to him.

i didn’t think it

would be as hard

to see it go

as it actually was,

(it was the car i bought when i first moved to la, and liz was the one who negotiated with the used car dealer to get the price down).

but i felt

great that it

was going to

one of my favorite

dudes in the

whole world.

later that week maddy

hung out with

melanie and i took

brooke to see

the why? concert in pomona.

yeah, it was

mostly for my

enjoyment, but i

had another reason for going…

i needed to get

the songwriter’s permission

to include his lyrics

in my book.

my friend lorieanne

set up the

meeting, and before

the show, yoni

graciously signed

the legal document

my publisher requires…

the amazing thing

is that he’s

allowing me

to use the lyrics

without asking for

anything in return

(aka, he told me i could use his words without paying him, even after i offered to do so).

that’s amazing.

i’ve also been in

contact with

a couple of other songwriters

whose lyrics will

be included in the

book, and they’ve

been equally amazing about

allowing me to reprint

their words

(taking care of these legal requirements really makes this whole thing seem so much more real).

and as if

yoni hadn’t

already done enough

for me, he fulfilled

a life-long

music nerd dream of

mine and dedicated

to me

the song i’m

using in the book.


the next weekend,

we went to a

birthday part for

maddy’s friend, sophie.


brooke was

thrilled because

some guy from

some movie was there

brooke is freaking the fuck out in this photo.

some guy and his kid in a really big bubble.

and maddy was excited

to play with

some of her

favorite book characters,

with a hungry caterpillar.


watch sophie dance

with an older man,

dancing reluctantly.

see some giant bubbles,

waiting for the bubble show.

even bigger bubble.

get enveloped by

a giant bubble,

about to be inside a bubble.

in a giant bubble!

about to pop it.

and finally,

sample every

sugary snack in

the place.

sugar high.

watching the bubbles.

hittin' the rock.

and finally, m&ms.


thankfully there was

some fruit in

the place to

take her attention

away from the candy.

not sugar!

as a bonus, we got

to hang out with

heather, mike and annabelle.


the next weekend

maddy stayed

in los angeles

with brooke and

i snuck back

to minnesota for a

weekend with some

dudes from college

(shhhhh…don’t tell my editor).

after a night

that found us

sitting in the

beer cooler

of a bar

until 3:30 am

i woke up the

next morning and

finished some edits

before meeting up

with some of the

dudes for breakfast

at a small town restaurant.






(this is the kind of stuff that really makes me miss minnesota).

someone tried to

convince me i

had taken a longer

trip than

i actually had

i was not in china.

we kept driving south,



heading toward

my friend’s dad’s house

for a weekend of

dude stuff.

we rode around in

a boat for

a bit


ring around the sun.



the rest of

the weekend went

pretty much like that,

but add to it

a poker game

with one of the

coolest 70 year

old guys i’ve

ever met and a

trip to a really

small town

dudes on a bus.

for a wrestling match

that i really can’t

begin to describe.

kevin with el bano (sic).



tony and wrestler.


take down.

our driver

made one final

stop that night



playing with the bar toys.

(at a bar with children’s play area, no less)

before driving us home.

the next morning

we were on

our way back to

minneapolis, but i

insisted that we

stop to visit a

long forgotten

bit of my childhood.


happy chef.

i spent sunday evening

with a

small portion of

my family, and finally

got a chance to

meet my cousin

josh’s new baby, isla.

the next day

i was on the plane

back to los angeles.

it’s so incredibly weird

to fly without madeline.

i really missed

the wrestling match

we always have when

it’s time for

her to get

buckled in when

the flight’s about

to take off.

brooke picked

me up at the airport

and we headed straight

to maddy’s daycare

to pick her up.

it was the best

greeting ever.


the next weekend

was father’s day,

and brooke and

maddy made sure it

was a great one.

they bought

me a new

grill, took me

our for breakfast,

a little help from brooke.

let me spend

as much time in

amoeba as i wanted,

and posed for

photos with me.

trying to get down so she can run around.



she helped me shop.

(i can’t believe how much bigger she is now. here she is in the same spot on august 5, 2008 and january 9, 2009).

what an awesome day.


maddy has been

so incredibly fun

the last few weeks.

(she’s so helpful).

and now she has

a couple

of favorite songs.

in brooke’s car

she listens to the

beach boys and michael jackson,

and in my car

she has far better

options, and lately she’s

been really into

“blood bank” by bon iver,

and “bright lit blue sky” by ariel pink’s haunted graffiti.

in fact, she calls

for both by

name and even

sings along.

(so proud of this kid).

last weekend brooke’s

sister came out

to visit

and we made

sure she spent

a sufficient amount

of time at the beach.

ashley, brooke, maddy.


on the beach.

on the beach.

one of us needs a shower.

maddy and ashley.

making sure they don't lose their shoes.


on the beach.


we also made

a stop

at the pier


so that maddy

could have a

lot of fun.


first she had

to measure up

barely tall enough.

(i use to do this to liz all the time and she would get pissed…see?).

then she was

able to ride.


flying an airplane.

waiting to fly.



but before all

of this happened,

she took a direct hit

thanks to a

passing seagull.

i was freaking out

about the shit running

down her forehead, but

i couldn’t jump into

action to clean

her up because

brooke was carrying the

diaper bag.

i yelled for her,

and as she frantically

searched for the

wipes, i snapped

a couple of photos.

direct hit from a seagull.

damn birds.

getting cleaned up.

almost clean.

getting cleaned up.

maddy is sure

to have a lot

of good luck now

(or so they say).

the next day we

went to maddy’s

favorite park

for a little fun.

we saw a

coyote walking a bit

too close to the place


and after he left

we made our way

to the playground.

on the swing.

in the swing.

on the swings.


teeter totter.


on the way to the merry-go-round.

taking a rest after running all over the playground.

sliding with ashley.


a few days ago

maddy made my life.


this weekend

tom, candee and deb

are coming out to

los angeles to

spend the weekend

with us.

we’re all looking

forward to it

but what they don’t know

(because they’re on the way here)

is that maddy

got sick last night

and slept for only a

couple of hours.

i slept for one.

we should be fun.

i’ll have an update

about the weekend

no later than wednesday.

thanks for your

patience while i

work on this book.

the blog has

suffered as of late,

but i think it’s

made for a pretty

decent book.


stranger friend/photograper, abbie morrison has a great little blog and she asked me to write a little something for her, which i was honored to do.

check it out if you have a few extra minutes to kill

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