today is an

important day for me…

here’s the email

i got from my editor

this morning:

Subject: 2K4M‏
From: Amanda
Sent: Mon 7/12/10 8:30 AM
To: matt logelin

Dear Matt:

Are you sitting? I think you should sit down before you read the rest of this email. No, just sit.

I am hereby accepting your manuscript. That’s right: TWO KISSES FOR MADDY has been accepted. There were many months during which I thought this day would never come (um, most recently June 2010), but here we are. Accepted. Handed over to production. Off my desk.

Your book has been to the Jersey Shore, and it’s been to Long Island. It’s been to Battery Park, Central Park, and several high rise rooftops throughout Manhattan. It’s been to multiple coffee shops on the Upper East Side; hell, it’s been to quite a few bars downtown. It has endured stains of all sorts, from sunscreen to chocolate milk (sorry about that).

Approximately 12 Paper Mate SharpWriter #2 pencils were destroyed during this process– they should arrive at your house soon. I want you to be able to honor them along with those rainbow colored highlighters of which you have grown so fond. The UPS man who will no longer visit you every single day with marked up pages should be in attendance at the ceremony.

I, the manuscript’s keeper until now, have been forced to start drinking coffee, and I don’t remember what any of my friends look like. I’ve learned how to order dinner to the office, and that the air conditioning is, in fact, turned off on the weekends. It’s possible that I have gray hair, wrinkles, and an ulcer. Your manuscript has more or less been my abusive boyfriend, and I am so damn glad we are breaking up.

So while you were drunk in Wisconsin on Saturday night, I was secluded in the suburbs, putting the finishing touches on this bad boy. And now– now, I am accepting it. Congratulations.

In all seriousness, I think we’ve got a great book on our hands. And so does my friend Nicole, to whom I read the last two pages aloud at a gathering. (She cried. Talk about a party foul… Oops.) We have a ton more work to do before we get to April 2011, but the book has been written, and that’s a pretty big deal. So have exactly one drink to celebrate, and then get ready to get back down to business. I like cupcakes. Thanks.


Grand Central Publishing
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

here’s a photo she sent me of the pile of manuscripts she’s edited:


yes, the book is

written and will

be published in april 2011

(exact date to come),

but amanda’s right…

there’s still a

ton of work to do.

like just a few

minutes ago,

i got a look

at a couple of

potential covers for

the book.

when i saw them,

all i could think was,

holy shit.

this is really happening.

i can’t wait to

share more with you

all as we

get closer to

the release date.

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