on saturday i was reading this and for a few minutes i completely lost hope in humanity.

later that night, i read this blog post and remembered all the good that has been done to help people like ashley and her son.

and a lot of that help has come from people like you.

as you know, the liz logelin foundation had two major fundraising events in september, and it was during one of these events that i was able to meet ashley. it’s not often that i get to meet one of our applicants, but each and every time i’m struck with the same feelings. yes. i’ve been in her shoes, and we’ve experienced something horrifically similar, yet i found myself in disbelief that she was surviving in spite all of this.

it’s people like ashley who inspired me to start this foundation in the first place.

and i was thrilled when the board of the liz logelin foundation chose ashley as one of our grant recipients for 2010.

since the liz logelin foundation was founded in 2009, we’ve given out 65 grants to families just like ashley’s, and with your help we’ll continue to give out even more in the future.

(on a side note, a couple of minutes ago i got off the phone with one of liz’s best friends, maleeda, telling me about a man whose wife died a few days ago just minutes after giving birth to her first child).

so here’s how you can help…

last year when we were in india, maddy and her nanny, rachel sent postcards to everyone who donated to the foundation.

and this year, we’d like to do the same thing (except the postcards won’t be coming from india).

maddy and i will send a postcard to anyone who donates $15 or more to the foundation.

and for anyone who donates $40 or more, you’ll get a postcard AND you’ll be entered into a drawing to win something pretty cool (to be determined by me, and let me tell you, it’s going to be really, really awesome). i’ll randomly choose two winners from the list of people who donate $40 or more.

the cut off to get a postcard is december 7th, 2010.

you can donate via any of the following ways:

our website:


our paypal account:

or by mailing a check:

the liz logelin foundation
po box 26366
saint louis park, mn 55426

(or if you can pull if off, via your company’s matching funds program).

then send an email to:

mattandmaddy (at) gmail (dot) com

(don’t forget to replace the (at) with an @ and the (dot) with a . and join it all together)

in the subject line, please tell me how much you donated and in the body give me your address so i know where to mail your postcard/awesome gift.

as always, your donations are 100% tax deductible (tax information for the foundation can be found at the bottom of this post).

finally, please take a minute to check out the amazing sponsors and donors that helped raise over $40,000 for the liz logelin foundation during our september 2010 fundraising events.

5K Sponsors

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The Columns Resource Group of NMFN
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