weekly playlist #1

after a bunch of requests, i’m finally getting around to adding a section to the blog about the music i’m listening to.

the plan is to create a weekly playlist and post under the “playlist” page at the top of my blog, every monday. (after this post, they’ll no longer show up on the home page). some of the songs will be new, some will be old. most will be sad. some will be happy. some will have singing. some will be instrumentals. rule: 20 tracks a week. basically this will be a snapshot of what i’m listening to that week. (links go to the individual track on amazon.com. if the individual track is not available, i link to the album). in most cases you should be able to preview the track, just in case you want to buy it. i wish i could just post the music here, but i’d probably end up in jail.

anyway, use the comment section to post your playlists, if you so choose.

here we go…




1. “in the dark places” by pj harvey – from the album, let england shake – there should be an international holiday every time this woman releases a new album. sadly, there’s not. but i’m working on it…

2. “laredo” by band of horses – from the album, infinite arms – unusually upbeat for my tastes. makes me want to visit laredo more than any other song about laredo.

3. “charlie hustle” by madlib – from the album, madlib medicine show volume #11: low budget high fi music – this song is rad for several reasons, but the best reason to listen to this is to hear the line, “never catch me drinkin’ ciroc…” a perfect dig at puff daddy.

4. “femme fatale” by aloe black – from the album, good things – an r&b version of a velvet underground classic? sold.

5. “two finger symphony” by stereolab – from the album, not music – all stereolab songs exactly the same to me. and that’s a good thing.

6. “in the night” by gary wilson – from the album, electric endicott – the weirdest, creepiest dude in all of music. his songs all seem to be about unrequited love. wait. that’s putting it nicely. they’re actually about stalking. but he writes the most upbeat songs about stalking that i’ve ever heard.

7. “all night long” by south san gabriel – from the album, eyas – a way slowed down version of a song you might recognize. originally sung by a dude who’s now famous for being nicole richie’s dad. what a shame.

8. “san pedro” by mogwai – from the album, hardcore will never die, but you will – an instrumental band with a sense of humor? seems to be the case with these guys (such a rare thing, i think) based on their album/song titles. there’s nothing funny about this song, it’s just really, really awesome.

9. “silly bears” by akron/family – from the album, s/t ii: the cosmic birth and journey of shinju tnt – i just adore this song.

10. “one little dance” by the moovers – from the album, eccentric soul: the deep city label – the numero record label has never, ever released anything bad in it’s history. i swear. they unearth limited release (mostly) r&b songs, compile them and release them as full-length records. there’s no individual link for this song, but trust me. the whole record is great. if you like r&b even a little bit, you should buy this (and every other numero release).

11. “sad fuzz” by ty segall – from the album, melted. good ol’ fashioned rock n roll. from 2010. this guy does it better than just about anyone out there. this one will be stuck in your head all day.

12. “motherfucker=redeemer (part two)” by godspeed you! black emperor – from the album, yanqui u.x.o. i’ve been in love with this band for a very long time. they haven’t released a record in like 9 years, and they rarely tour, but i had the privilege of seeing them here in los angeles on wednesday. imagine a really pissed off, politically motivated orchestra that hates the tyranny of corporate america playing instrumental music that will crush your soul. oh. and they’re from canada. and they have no sense of humor.

13. “plain as your eyes can see” by jim sullivan – from the album, u.f.o. apparently this guy just up and vanished one day in 1975. i’m glad he recorded this song before doing so.

14. “death seat” by wooden wand – from the album, death seat – this guys words will melt your heart.

15. “electric endicott” by gary wilson – from the album, electric endicott – yeah. another song by that creepy, pervy, stalker guy. maddy can not get enough of this one, yelling in the car, “stars in your eyes! stars in your eyes!” it’s a line in the song. the subject of the song is a woman named mary. i was singing the song in the car and changed mary to maddy. and now my child insists that i sing it to her all the time. i can’t sing for shit. but this guy can.

16. “pregnant” by r. kelly – from the album, untitled – i just read the most incredible interview (conducted by will oldham) with r. kelly. i know, i know…he peed on someone. and he sang, “i believe i can fly.” those things truly suck, but big fucking deal. he is a lunatic genius who can sing like a motherfucker. just listen to this song and you’ll forget about all that other stuff. plus he created the hip-hopera, “trapped in the closet” which may be humankind’s crowning achievement. (for the record, i totally thought this song and just about all of the others on the record were a joke. turns out they’re not).

17. “new wonder” by bonnie “prince” billy and the cairo gang – from the 10″ single, island brothers – speaking of will oldham…here’s a song by his alter ego, bonnie “prince” billy. it’s sad. incredibly sad. maybe the saddest song of all time. but it’s so amazingly good that i can’t quit listening to it. the first time i heard the song was while watching the video for it. if the song is sad, the video is devastating. i mean, i saw it twice and i will never, ever watch it again. i cried the first time. and bawled the second time. the video is linked here if you really want to see it. i don’t recommend watching it. seriously. but you should click here and buy the record. the money goes to a good cause, namely edge outreach’s efforts to provide clean water and education in earthquake-ravaged haiti.

18. “a view of the sky” by paleo – from the album, a view of the sky – i ordered this record back in november and it finally arrived last week. when i opened the package, i was like, “what the hell is this?” i listened to this, the first song on the album, and i had my answer. “it is awesome.” i’m glad it finally arrived.

19. lindisfarne ii by james blake – from the album, james blake – a british, dubstep version of bon iver. just buy this. you’ll love it. the rest of the record is equally good, except for on that one song where he sounds like aaron neville. i skip that one every time i listen to the record. you can as well.

20. “shell games” by bright eyes – from the album, the people’s key – for a reason that probably only makes sense to me, i’ve been wanting to give up on this guy and his music for years. but i just can’t. it’s songs like this that keep me coming back.

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