book trailer.

a couple of weeks ago i tweeted this photo of a video shoot:


the video we were filming was a trailer for my book. the result is after the jump…

in other news, the release date for two kisses for maddy is less than a month and a half away (i can’t believe it), and it appears that i won’t get any rest for awhile. i’ve been working on lots of projects that i’ll soon be able to share, and i’ve already started doing interviews by phone, email and in person. and the april issue of los angeles magazine is running an excerpt of my book, along with some photos that were taken during a photo shoot in our house a couple of weeks back. i saw a preview yesterday, and i’m pretty excited. most of this press will likely begin trickling out closer to april 14th, and i’ll be sure to share it here when it does.

and if you read either american profile or people magazines, be on the lookout for a print ad for two kisses for maddy sometime soon.

that’s it for now.

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