the past week or so & book giveaway #2.

last weekend brooke,

maddy and i

took a trip to

the los angeles zoo.

maddy was a little

confused when we arrived.

she said,

“we were here with rachel and susie!”

it was another

one of those moments

when i had to

search my memory

in order to figure out

what the hell

madeline was talking about.

a few seconds of

her staring back

at me, i remembered

that we had indeed been

to the zoo with

rachel and susie,

but it was the

san diego zoo

and that was many

months ago.

i can’t believe

this kid’s memory.

sometimes i still see

her as that baby

who was born

7 weeks early

and not the almost

3-year old that she is.

anyway, there’s nothing

more wonderful in life

than watching

her smile and

enjoy the hell out

of her life.
















on tuesday i

took maddy with me

to amoeba to

help me pick out

some new records

and to celebrate

mardi gras.

mardi gras at amoeba.

on thursday, i picked

maddy up from

daycare and the first

thing she said to

me was,

“can we go to the record store, daddy?”

now, maddy says

stuff all the time

that makes me

happy, but i’ve never

been prouder of her

than i was

at that moment.

i’d like to think

it’s a small

triumph of nurture

over nature.

then again,

the other day

she did ask me

if we could go

to the mall.

(there’s nature reering it’s beautiful head…liz would be so proud).

finally, here’s the official

notice for book giveaway #2.

leave a comment

below and i’ll throw

you onto the list

for the next galley

copy of two kisses for maddy

i didn’t mention

this last time,

but each copy

will be signed

by me

(big deal, right?)

and each will feature

a drawing by maddy

(totally and completely awesome, i know).

here’s the drawing

in the copy that

heidi won:

Los Angeles-20110311-00540.jpg

and here’s the drawing

from copy #2:

book giveaway #2.

good luck!

i’ll announce the

winner on tuesday.

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