book giveaway #3 winner and book giveaway #4.

as part of my publisher’s push to try to get everyone in the u.s. and canada to buy several copies of my book, two kisses for maddy, they asked me to send them some of my favorite photos of my life with liz and maddy (along with some captions) so that they could build an online photo album. the technical team at grand central provided the nerding necessary to build the thing, and i couldn’t be happier with the result. (just a note…several of the photos of liz are posted here for the first time).

check it out…

(hover your cursor over the photos for the captions).

if for some reason you’d like to post it on your site or on facebook or twitter or something, you can download the code for the widget by clicking here


as many of you know, thursday march 24th is maddy’s 3rd birthday. we’ll be out of the country for a few days celebrating her special day. i’ve gotten several emails from folks asking if they can send her a birthday gift. the answer? of course! if you really want to do so, please send a gift in honor of madeline or liz in the form of a donation to the the liz logelin foundation. as most of you know, the money we raise is given to the families of widows or widowers with children in the form of financial grants, and there are no restrictions on how the families can spent the money.

you can donate via any of the following methods:

our website:


(network for good requires a $10 minimum donation)

our paypal account:

(no minimum)

or by mailing a check:

the liz logelin foundation
po box 26366
saint louis park, mn 5542

(no minimum)

on to other news.

there have been 5449 comments since book giveaway #1, and according to the random number generator, the winning comment was #5182. congratulations to alison n., the winner of book giveaway #3! i’ve already gotten an email reply from her, and i’ll be mailing her galley out later this afternoon.

i’ve had lots of requests to include:

1. more tissues
2. anti-depressants
3. booze
4. chocolate

well, the tissues have already been part of the packages i’ve been mailing. i can’t send anti-depressants for obvious reasons. booze? i guess there are laws against mailing that, too. but…

during a layover in seattle, i was making fun of the fact that the airport gift shops are still trying to capitalize on the “sleepless in seattle” craze (didn’t that movie come out, like, 78 years ago?). of course, i bought a couple of items with the idea of sending them to my friends as a joke. (yes, i have a sense of humor). well, i just came across them, and they seem to be perfect items to be shipped along with these galley copies.


i gave alison a choice of what she wanted, and she decided she wanted a shot glass.


that leaves two bars of chocolate and one shot glass left for the next few giveaways.

finally, i won’t be anywhere near a computer on friday, so this serves as the announcement for book giveaway #4. as always, leave a comment if you want to be entered to win one of the three remaining galley copies i’m giving away. no need to leave a comment if you’ve left one (since the first galley giveaway), but feel free to add another if you want to increase your chances. this time, the galley features this drawing by maddy:

book giveaway #4.

good luck!

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