book giveaway winner #4 & a few other things.

maddy and i returned from our trip to puerto vallarta late last evening (more on the trip in an upcoming blog post) and on top of a pile of bills, junk mail and records was a package from my editor. i sort of knew what was inside, because she sent me a cryptic email about the contents, along with a message that said, “I sent you a really touching note and I want everyone to see it.”

here’s what was inside:omfg is right...

(that really is the most heartfelt note i’ve ever gotten from my editor (seriously)).

and here’s the back:


it’s so strange to be holding an actual hardcover copy of my book. it looks way better than i ever could have imagined.

on to the next order of business…

there have been 7136 comments since book giveaway #1, and according to the random number generator, the winning comment was #6841. congratulations to catie s., the winner of book giveaway #4! i’ve already gotten a reply from her and i’ll be mailing her galley and chocolate later today.

i’ll post the photo of maddy’s drawing inside galley #5 on friday and will announce the winner next tuesday.

finally, today madeline heads to the dr. for her three year appointment. as always, for the person(s) who guess both her height and weight correctly, i’ll send you a copy of my current favorite book and a cd of my current favorite album. (and of course a guess on her height/weight will also enter you to win one of the two remaining galleys i’m giving away).

for those of you who live in countries that use the metric system, please feel free to submit your guesses in metric units of measure…i will do the conversion for you.

here are some hints:

at her 2.5 year she weighed 28 pounds, 8 ounces (50% percentile) and was 36.5 inches tall. (70% percentile). for those of you keeping score, that’s 62% of the way to her mom’s adult height.

here are four charts that probably won’t help you with your guesses:

the first shows her weight since birth:


the second shows the percentage change in her weight from the previous dr. visit:


the third shows her height since birth:


the fourth shows the percentage change in her height from the previous dr. visit:


and here are a couple of photos from our trip to puerto vallarta that will in no way help you guess:



oh…i almost forgot. if you’re in southern california, check out the april issue of los angeles magazine (on newsstands now). it features an excerpt from my book and a couple of awesome photos.


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