excerpts & galley giveaway #5

i can’t believe it, but in fewer than two weeks my book will be in stores and (hopefully) in your hands. well, as some of you have learned (if you pre-ordered online) a few stores have already shipped them and they’ve landed on your doorstep. that was a big surprise to me, but it’s been great to hear from people who’ve already finished it…

for those of you who are still waiting for your copy (or for folks who are trying to decide if they really want to read the damn thing), you can click on the image of the book below to read an excerpt:


click on the image of the audiobook below to listen to an excerpt:


(hopefully they entice you buy the book).

and just because some people have already gotten their copies, doesn’t mean that i should stop giving away the two remaining galley copies i have, right?

so just like the last few giveaways, go ahead and leave a comment below if you want a chance to win galley copy #5 signed by maddy (and me if you so choose).

good luck…

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