final galley giveaway & other news.

lots and lots of book-related stuff going on this week…first, here’s a photo of maddy’s drawing inside the final galley copy i’m giving away:


(yeah, my next career may be in modern art interpretation).

as always, leave a comment for your chance to win the thing. i’ll announce the winner on thursday as part of the two kisses for maddy release date events.

i bet you just thought, “wait…what events?”

well, to celebrate the release of my book, grand central publishing and i will be hosting a twitter party on thursday april 14th from 9:00am to 1:00pm pacific time.

and i bet you just blurted out, “what the hell is a twitter party?” loud enough for your officemates to hear sorry about that. well. a twitter party is kind of like a conversation that you can follow by searching a specific hashtag on, or via another site like during the party, you can ask questions or chat with me (@mattlogelin) as well as folks from my publishing house (@GrandCentralPub & @gcpeditor) by using the hashtag, #2k4m (pretty clever, eh?). what makes that a party? well, we’ll be giving away signed, hardcover copies of my book, some of my favorite records, as well as other awesome items (party favors, as my editor called them). we’ll choose folks at random during random times during the twitter party to give all of this great loot to.

and all you have to do to win is join the conversation and use the hashtag, #2k4m

oh. and rsvp for the event by clicking here

also on thursday, be on the lookout for an original article written by me on the huffington post (i’ll post the specific link as soon as i get it).

okay…onto the next order of business.

my book tour kicks off this friday, april 15th at 7:00pm in west los angeles at party paper wrap
5571 west pico blvd
los angeles, ca 90019
(between hauser and fairfax)
tel: 323.931.0200

come get your book signed (copies will be on sale at party paper wrap, and they will be donating a portion of their proceeds to the liz logelin foundation).

you can find information on future book signing/reading events by clicking here or by clicking the “book tour” link at the top of the page.


on saturday, april 16th i’ll be live on fox and friends (not sure exactly what time yet). check your local listings for airtime or set your dvr.

after fox and friends brooke and i will be hosting a birthday party for maddy at our house. several children will be blindfolded and will swing a stick at a 4-foot tall cowboy, all for the amusement of the adults in attendance.

hanging out with her piñata.

(can’t wait).

on monday i’ll be doing doing a full day of events at scripps college (for those of you paying attention, that’s where liz went to college). i can’t begin to tell you how honored i am that they’ve chosen to have me on campus. there’s a portion of the event that’s open to the public, and i’d love to see you there (details below).

monday, april 18th, 2011 – public presentation and reading followed by reception and book signing – 4:15-6:00pm.
scripps college
1030 columbia avenue
claremont, ca 91711
tel: 909.621.8280
the hampton room is upstairs in the malott commons, which is located at the corner of 9th and columbia. parking is available on the street but can be a bit difficult to find.

and finally, if you find yourself in a starbucks and you suddenly feel the need to check your email or something via their in-store wi-fi between 4/12-4/26, you may see a little promotion for my book. i’d love to hear about it if you see it.

(well, not really finally…there’s a lot more to come over the next few days/weeks. thanks for reading).

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