green from top

to bottom,

except for a

little bit of blue

in the middle.

the colors familiar

but blurred

by distance.

the movements,


unseen, avoided.

until now.


the smile,

the same one

i see everyday

but not.

(still paused).

i remember this

moment like i was

actually there and


almost 12 years later,

i am.

watching it

as it happened, like

i’ve stumbled into

that alternate dimension

the scientists

were talking to

me about when

i couldn’t sleep.

i’ve been there

since, without


it’s familiar but not,

the trees are gone

and they’re

not the only thing,

but seeing you move…

and then i tried

to remember why this

was the first time

i had seen it,

why i missed it

all those years ago.

and then i remembered

why, and i remembered

that photo of us

a few days later,

when i was dressed

in black and you

looked proud, and

i was surprised i had

made it.

the memories,

the photos,

and now…

after almost four

years of static moments,

captured and saved,

viewed and shared,

i saw you move…

and now i can’t.

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