here they come

yellow, white and pink

they burst forth,

a sign to the

neighbors of a change


and to me,

a reminder of

something different.

in this place

(as the story goes)

there are no seasons,

yet there are definite markers

of time.

the yellow ones,

(color only)

remind me of the first

time i saw them

four years ago,

and that it’s

7 weeks away….

the pink ones

turn white,

and i’m reminded

that it’s 5 weeks away…

the next set

of white flowers

will arrive

at the end

of this week

and i’m reminded

that it’s 4 weeks away…

and as i sit here

trying not to

do the math,

trying to avoid

being back in that place,

i watch the yellow

ones falling to

the ground

and i’m reminded that

they’ll all

be gone soon.

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