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as excited as i was to see my book in print for the first time, i was even more excited when i got this in the mail:

two kisses for maddy, translated into complex chinese characters.

yes, it’s the chinese translation of two kisses for maddy. specifically, the traditional (complex) chinese character translation.

(the front cover is on the left (and is is clearly not a photo of maddy and me…i have never owned a pair of pants or shoes like that) and the back cover is on the right).

so if you live in taiwan, hong kong or macau and want to read my book translated into complex chinese characters, well, now is your chance.

more info can be found here and here.

(and if you want to see a really awful google translation of the same pages, check them out here and here).

from what i’ve been told (by someone who can sort of read a little chinese), the title translates to something like: every time you have to kiss twice which is so totally awesome.

oh. and along with the complex chinese character version, i’m happy to report that two kisses for maddy will also translated into the following languages and sold in the following countries:

bahasa indonesia, available in indonesia.
simplified chinese characters, available on mainland china and maybe singapore.
japanese, available in japan.

(more details to follow as i get them).

in other news, the random number generator picked number 299, so the first giveaway of a paperback copy of two kisses for maddy goes to sarah a. sarah and i have already exchanged emails and i will be mailing her book out asap.

finally. here’s something i never, ever imagined….heidi klum loves my book.

maybe you will, too?

it’s availble here:

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Photo of a shop indie bookstores


Photo of a shop indie bookstores

or in local bookstores and ebook on april 3rd.

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