book news.

as i may or may not have mentioned to you several times before, on tuesday april 3rd, the paperback version of my book, two kisses for maddy (with a new chapter, additional photos, and a reading group guide) hits book stores around the country (and can can be downloaded to your favorite futuristic, un-book reading device). (just learned that the ebook version does not include the new chapter…please leave me a comment if you bought the ebook version, hoping to get the new chapter. i’ll make it up to you somehow). okay. so it seems that the ebook version should include the new chapter, but some retailers apparently did not update the file. i’m working with my publisher on a resolution.

and in fact, it’s already available in some stores, as maddy discovered on saturday.



to celebrate the launch, i’ll be participating in a live twitter chat starting at 1pm eastern time. grand central (my publisher) and i will be giving away a whole bunch of great stuff, including copies of my book, some of my favorite records, and other random things i think you may enjoy. all you have to do is participate! find me on twitter
and tweet me with the hashtag,
and you’ll be in the running for a whole bunch of great stuff. oh. and you’ll be able to ask me any questions you want about the book, the writing process or music recommendations.

also, a few weeks back i met akemi williams, founder and president of, who told me all about the awesome company she started. basically, TeetheMe is a subscription based company offering monthly subscribers a box of 4-5 must-have baby products each and every month. each month the items picked are based upon the child’s age and development (for example, a 3 month old will not receive the same products as a 12 month old). i loved the concept and told her i wished TeetheMe had been around when i first brought maddy home.

while i was gushing over her company, she told me she loved my book and wanted to include a few signed copies for her subscribers. i was thrilled to be included, and my publisher and i donated 25 signed copies of especially for TeetheMe subscribers. in addition, one very lucky TeetheMe subscriber will win a live video conference with me, perfect for your book club or social event. winners will be selected at random and find their books in their next TeetheMe box! Current TeetheMe subscribers are automatically entered. not yet a Teether? subscribe at by april 2nd for a chance to win, and use promo code: TWOKISSES for 20% off your first month.


that’s it for now.

more soon.

wait. i suppose i should give another copy away here. go ahead and leave me a comment (any comment) and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of two kisses for maddy signed by the maddy referred to in the title.

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