japanese translation of 2k4m.

just got a package in the mail with the japanese translation of two kisses for maddy

japanese version of two kisses for maddy.

it’s published by kodansha & translated by yumi hattori.

according to google translation of the page (which may not be the most reliable translation but it’s all i’ve got unless you or someone you know can translate it for me), the title reads:

grow up to be my daddy: years of playing a single father with tears

and here’s the full google translation of the publisher’s page.

or we can go with the microsoft/yahoo! translation (via microtranslater):

until i grow up daddy: 1 year single fathers tears and replay

here’s the full yahoo! translation

so if you’re in japan, please pick up a copy.

you can buy it here, (i’m not sure if they’ll even ship it to ‘merica).

and if you’re the first person to send me a photo of you with the book (japanese version), i’ll send you something awesome in the mail.

find me here:

matt and maddy (at) gmail (dot) com

and just because it blows my away to have any of my words in print, here’s a pile of the various versions of my book.

a pile of my books.

from the top:

galley (advance copy)
traditional (complex) chinese character translation
japanese translation

thanks again to all of you for helping me make this happen…

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