before you read it somewhere else first…

read it somewhere else, first:

lifetime has optioned my book, two kisses for maddy.

what does this mean?

well, nothing is ever guaranteed (especially in hollywood), but there’s a chance that my book will be adapted for a lifetime movie. some pretty amazing folks have signed on to make sure this thing is done well.

friends co-creator (yes, the friends) marta kauffman producer of many awesome films denise di novi, and her partner alison greenspan will executive produce the movie, if lifetime actually decides to make the thing.

this discussion has been happening for a long, long time, and i’ve had a lot of shit to consider, but ultimately it came down to fulfilling two requirements:

1. it has to be something liz would have been proud of.
2. it has to be something that won’t cause madeline to hate me someday.

i’ve been guaranteed by everyone involved that that my two requirements are first and foremost in their minds, which has led me to this place.

so i’m excited…i hope you are as well.

fire away with questions in the comments. i’ll do my best to answer them.

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