almost four years ago…

almost four years ago

i carried my baby

through the doorway

of an unfamiliar house,

and left her

in the arms of

some strangers for

the first time.

it was a moment

that was amazing,

sad, terrifying, and

left me feeling

a million other emotions

rolled up into

one giant ball

of confusion.

i had a hard time

walking out the

door that day,

not because i was

worried about her

safety or anything,

(these were, after all, well vetted strangers)

but because i was

worried about how i would

do without her

while i stared at

a computer screen fewer

than two miles away.


almost four years after

we, together, started

that new

part of our lives,

maddy walked out that

same door i carried

her through almost

four years earlier.

like i did that

day almost four years ago,

i cried when i left,

and for mostly

the same reasons

i did back then.


ready for the next steps…


(as she always does)

has demonstrated that it’s

time to continue

moving forward.

sept 4.

new school.

new challenges.

new friends.

new milestones.

so what does almost four

years feel like like to me?

a blur.

but if you want

to see that

blur documented in two

photographs, well,

here you go:

first day of daycare.

last day.

a lot has changed,

and almost nothing has,

but more

is in store, and with

this little lady

always with me,

(even when she’s not)

we’ll go far.

maddy & daddy.

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